This will be my first ever post on WordPress.

A good friend of mine introduced me to this site and got me interested in blogging. He uses this website professionally, and I don’t have his consent to post his name here so, you’ll just have to believe me. That is however, beside the point.

You may ask, why do you want to start a blog? Good question, however that is one question that I have a couple of answers to.

I want to always challenge myself. I have always a person of routine and I am used to having stability and ease in my life – that was a bad idea. Recently, I’ve wanted to try something new, something that can get the living cobwebs out of my brain. Since I am so used to my daily routine, I want to try things that can improve myself as a person. It’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks. I may not be the best at blogging, but I will try to be better.

I am a late bloomer. I have always wanted and dreamed of being influential, but I have never done that in almost all my life until I was around 30 years old. That was when I started volunteering for projects. It started with small project in the company I worked for during that time. I volunteered for special projects that the company had, like project start-up and risk mitigation. This became a good starting off point for me to try new things.

I received my college diploma when I was more that 30 years of age. I stopped college back in 2006 and started working 3 months after. I never felt the need to continue since I was earning more than what my brothers and sister were earning when I started working. This of course had it’s toll on my career as the upper management, at least here in the Philippines, always looked at my resume and always nudged at the fact that I was an undergraduate. This bothered me especially when I tried to apply for higher positions. So I got up, looked for options, and eventually got an opportunity to complete a course in Human Resource Development Management. Oh yes, Today, April 17, 2017 was our graduation ceremony.

One more thing that I can say that makes me a late bloomer was when I volunteered to be part of the emergency response and firefighting team of the company I worked for. I have always wanted to be a volunteer firefighter. I never knew I wanted to be a first-aider. This was the biggest influence for me to change my life and habits. I never knew how vital and who I could save with what I’ve learned back in February of 2016. I never knew I wanted it until I tried.

I always want to share my ideas and have conversations with people. When was the last time I influenced someone to do something that they have always wanted? I can honestly say just last week. Another friend of mine, not the person that influenced me to blog, who usually complains on his Facebook page has always bothered me for the longest time. So I spoke with him using messenger and we had a conversation. We spoke about what he wanted to do and where he was in life. At the end of our conversation, he did realize what he wanted to do and was, at least from our conversation, prepared to become less negative and face his problems instead of just complaining about them.

Here’s my short term plan: I hope I can keep up blogging. I plan to post possibly 2 – 4 pages a week to form a habit of blogging.

My long term plan: To grow my blog not only in volume, but also in skill, aesthetic, and whatever else I can with it. Popularity? Maybe, but that’s on my back burner.

For content, I am still thinking about what I want to put on this blog; however I did get the name of CharlesOfTrades probably because I have always wanted to dabble into everything. Mainly things that are of interest to me. You can probably see my ideas, my interests, my dreams, pet peeves, food, games or maybe even current events that are of note.

I am looking forward to making this a habit and add my work (or non-work) as something that I can be proud of.


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