The Heat is On

It’s Sunday, 23rd of April  2017, and I never knew that my neighbors had a thing against me.

So I came home from buying groceries when I saw that someone parked their vehicle, an SUV, to be precise, in from of my gate. The gate is small and I can fit through it but I still had to bend my body a bit.

Groceries in hand, I got into the house and put everything down. I stepped out and came across one of my neighbors. I politely asked who owned the vehicle – he said he didn’t know, and asked someone else who was also sitting nearby. There were about 6 people who asked each other on who owned the vehicle.

They called the attention of the owner, who was a lady. The lady walked out and apologized. An old guy, who seemed to be the father or someone related to the lady suddenly got my attention. He said in his native tongue – “Why is there a problem?”. I replied that the vehicle was blocking my path going to my home.

Out of nowhere – he said that I had arrears that I owed him. I don’t recall any. So I ignored him.

Just to give context of the aged person, he is about 70-75 years of age and always stays outside. I don’t recall having any arrears toward the guy as I don’t interact that much with my neighbors. My landlord is the only that I have the most interaction with and that is just me paying my rent and asking for the bills – besides that I don’t even look at my neighbors or bother with their business.

Back to my story. I ignored him and got back in the house. It was a hot day so I easily lose my temper especially if the temperature is hot. I was still calm by this time so I decided to just sit this one out inside my home.

Another neighbor, one of the 6 guys that were outside that called the attention of the old guy suddenly said “He just wants attention – we can fit 3 people through that”.

He was talking about me of course since there was no other person in the vicinity that had the gate blocking problem.

Well folks, this triggered me.

I don’t know what their problem is. Again, I don’t interact with my neighbors at all, so this really got my temper hotter than the day.

I said to myself – I will give them 1 hour to move the vehicle or I will definitely make some bad life choices at this point.

One hour is all they had. Angered as I was, I went to cool off by taking a bath. The coldest bath you can have in a mid summer’s day.

I vented in the loo – but this got me thinking. Why are they angry at me? Why are they ganging up on me? What did I do?

Oh well, in my defense I am really concerned about that parked vehicle. What if a fire started in my house? How will I get my stuff out? No one can predict an accident. That is why its called an accident.

I hope they understand my situation and why I wanted that vehicle out of my emergency exit. Anyway, they did move the vehicle in about 20 minutes.

It ended, but I know now that they have something against me. I hope I can resolve this in a diplomatic way, but knowing them and their backstabbing ways – I know this will not go smoothly.


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