Near Miss

I mentioned in a previous blog post here, that I do a lot of walking when I go to and from work whenever I get the opportunity to. Whilst I was going to home today, April 27, 2017; I was almost run over by a truck.

It was my partially fault. I admit. I predicted that I could get hit and eventually I was hit, but not in a violent Filipino TV-drama series type of way or I wouldn’t have had the opportunity of writing this blog.

So here’s how it happened.

The delivery truck, that looks like this picture below or at least close to it, just got out of the parking area of an establishment. There were no blind corners, neither were there any carts or signs that prevented the driver’s view of me and vice-versa.Delivery Truck.PNG

Since it was past 6 AM in the morning,  there was not a lot of people that were around. At least not along where I was, neither were there any people from across the street, behind or in front of me. There were however a lot of vehicles passing through where the truck was going to merge traffic with.

I was about a significant distance away when the truck got out of the parkway and was heading to the main road. I was walking my normal pace – I was not in a hurry neither was I not feeling well to slow down to go home.

There were three people in the front seat. The driver, a muscular clean-shaven guy positioned on the left hand drive of the seat, a girl beside him, who was chatting everyone in the compartment as I could see her lips moving from where I was, and another small guy – moderately light skinned and was a little less muscular that the driver and he was located on the other end of the front seat near where I was coming from. This, in my opinion, obscured the driver’s view of me, but I still walked on. I did see the driver look in my direction, but I could not be certain if he could be looking at the outer lane or at  me, however I did see his head turn in my way.

As I walked closer, the merging traffic had a lot of vehicles preventing the vehicle from entering the main road. A couple of Public utility vehicles, some private cars and a handful of motorcycle riders passed by. So I was confident that the driver would not move as I passed by. I was about a few meters away from the vehicle, as if by instinct, I felt the need to move a bit away that I could not get hit so I created a gap – probably a few feet, maybe 2 or 3, between me and the truck.

I’d consider that a slightly good idea as I am writing this. Just as the truck saw an opening to merge with the ongoing traffic, this was not visible to me, he suddenly accelerated the truck. He did this without looking at my direction. I was directly in front of the truck on the passenger side when the acceleration happened. I felt the truck’s metal body touch my shoulder – a nudge – but then, the truck suddenly stopped. Thanks to that small gap that I created, I was able to react and move a bit away. I think it was his passengers that called his attention and made the motorist stop. I can’t be sure, since their windows were closed and I did see the smaller guy looking at me.

As with most “accidents”, the driver got furious and said his not-so-kind words while his window was up, so I was unable to hear the fellow. In return, I was thankful that I was not run over and I ignored his remark and moved on. As if nothing happened. After all, I was still standing and I knew in my heart that I was also at fault.

In hindsight, I had the opportunity to pass the truck by making my way behind it since I saw it come out from the parking lot a few meters away. More than enough time to make a wiser decision. Walking in front of the truck was a miscalculation – a bad call – misjudgment on my part – a bad idea. It was faster but it was stupid.

I walked away from that near miss like nothing happened. Even had the driver pissed and gave no mind to what he had to say. I was a bad pedestrian. Now, you may wonder, what was going on in my mind during and after this incident? Since this is all about what I did prior. What was I thinking as I felt the cold vehicular steel hit my shoulder? What was to become of me if the vehicle had it’s way with me? Roadkill perhaps?

Some people say their life flashes before their eyes when a life threatening event happens. I guess I am just not some people.

In my mind, I knew how I would react to that event. I was going to vault over the truck by carrying my weight using my hands. Performing a Spiderman-like reflex jump with all my strength and agility to carry my otherwise heavy manly physique. In reality, it was just all in my head, as the truck did nudge the left side of my body.

After the ordeal, I believe that from the perspective of the motorist, I walked away and ignored him. In my head I was thinking. Why did I, knowing this could happen, not get out of the way?

I guess you can say that there are some decisions that you make that you could never get out of, almost. Some you come out as just getting the best out of what you can.

Hardly a feat that I was proud of. Neither am I angry at the motorist as he was able to stop and spare me my life. All-in-all, I am glad that I am still here. I probably would think twice about cutting off a vehicle.


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